Know When to Take a Memphis Vacation

Planning go take a vacation? Going through the same old routine of hunting for travel destinations, checking for the things you can do there and ending up with a confused travel itinerary? Then it’s time to take a vacation that is relaxing and happening both at the same time. It is time for a Memphis vacation.

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When to visit Memphis?

The decision of when to visit Memphis should be made based on what do you plan or aim to do there. Based on the following aspects, these are the best time to visit Memphis.


  • Good weather – The best time to visit Memphis if you are looking for a great weather, September and October is your best pick. There is no heat and there is no rain too. You can enjoy optimum temperature of 20 degrees. Also, April and May could be a good choice if you are okay with some drizzles.


  • Good time for good deals – November and February are the two cheapest months at Memphis. You get the best deals and offers in this period.


  • Sight-seeing – If you are carried away by all the different types of activities that can be done at Memphis and if you are interested in sight seeing then the best time is spring and fall. Though some might feel that summer is a good time to visit Memphis, it could be too crowded and heat could also be a downside.


  • Concerts and Live music – September and October are the two best months for music lovers in Memphis. In the city of music, these two months are full on with concerts and live music events. Alternatively, Memphis has quite a few musical events happening in the month of May like the Beale street music festival.


  • Mississippi River – Though there are so many things that can be done at Memphis, the marvelous beauty of Mississippi River would be the most irresistible experience. You will be able get the best experience of this in the summers. There will be many events happening on the river. You can enjoy walks across the river and the waterfront parks in the month of May through October.


  • Museum and activities – Though museums are open throughout the year, the best time is summer as there will be outdoor activities happening around this time.

I hope apart from telling when is the best time to visit Memphis, this article would have conveyed indirectly of all the varied type of activities in which you could indulge. In Memphis there is something for every type of person.

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